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Removed CHANGELOG.txt, since the release history on covers that.

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Date iCal 7.x
Version 7.x-2.4 through 7.x-2.6
- Issue #1905482, All Day events are now exported and imported correctly.
- Issue #1894966, Date iCal now officially requires Views 3.5. Using an earlier version causes strange issues.
- Added hook_date_ical_html_alter(), which lets modules tweak the HTML of a node before it gets converted to plaintext
for output in an iCal feed. This lets you control where newlines appear in the DESCRIPTION (only <p> tags are converted to newlines).
- Fixed a few other minor issues.
Version 7.x-2.1 through 7.x-2.3
- Issue #1529506, Added optional webcal:// support.
- Issue #1890736, Added ability to exclude the X-WR-CALNAME property.
- Issue #1565410, Sites with "Clean URLs" disabled can now download feeds normally.
- Several minor bigfixes, and cleanup of the iCal icon theming.
Version 7.x-2.0
- Issue #1721678, incorporate abandoned Parser iCal module's Feeds plugin, allowing Date iCal to parse iCal feeds.
- Issue #1833362, convert to using the iCalcreator library, rather than the theme system, for formatting iCal data.
- Many other issues, which were closed during the week of Jan 14, 2013.
Version 7.x-1.2
- Issue #1793868, fix error when adding iCal view mode to non-standard entities.
- Issue #1863448, Remove extraneous div around the feed icon.
- Many other issues, which were closed during the week of Jan 14, 2013.
Version 7.x-1.1
- Issue #1535312, Use feed_icon class for ical icon.
- Better methods to hide the title and comments.
- Issue #1529326, Hide the links.
- Add dependency on Entity module.
- Add the Date/Time package to .info file.
Version 7.x-1.0
- Issue #1447194 by tim.plunkett, Prevent date_ical_preprocess from running for every theme function.
- Issue #1447118 by tim.plunkett: Use properly namespaced template functions.
- Issue #1447104 by tim.plunkett: Fixed code clean-up and undefined notices.
- Issue #1446936 by tim.plunkett: Views display format will not save.
- Initial commit of D7 code.
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