Commit 2fa55376 authored by t0xicCode's avatar t0xicCode Committed by Robert Rollins
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Issue #2288563: FeedsParser-defined mapping sources no longer raise warnings.

Thank you t0xicCode for this patch!
parent 58bb8053
......@@ -123,8 +123,9 @@ class ParserVcalendar {
else {
// We can safely ignore certain sources.
$known_unknowns = array(
// "Black Source 1" is from Feeds Tamper.
'Blank source 1',
'Blank source 1', // "Black Source 1" is from Feeds Tamper.
'parent:nid', // Defined in FeedsParser
'parent:uid', // Defined in FeedsParser
if (!in_array($property_key, $known_unknowns)) {
// Only warn the user if this mapping source is in use.
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