Commit 59b6c025 authored by sean_e_dietrich's avatar sean_e_dietrich Committed by Robert Rollins

Issue #2894735 by sean_e_dietrich: Fix for exported EXDATEs on all-day events

parent 034c5f5a
......@@ -289,8 +289,9 @@ class date_ical_plugin_style_ical_feed extends views_plugin_style {
// The spec supports putting multiple date values into one EXDATE,
// but several popular calendar clients (*cough* Apple *cough*)
// are bugged, and do not recognize multi-value EXDATEs.
$value = $event['all_day'] == 1 ? "DATE" : "DATE-TIME";
foreach ($exdates as $exdate) {
$vevent->setExdate(array($exdate), array( "VALUE" => $value ));
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