Commit 73995cff authored by Robert Rollins's avatar Robert Rollins
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Changed "Repeat Rule" to "Date: Repeat Rule" in the feeds sources list.

This makes it consistent with the "DateField: Repeat Rule" feeds target
offered by the Date module. It also pushes the source up next to the
"Date: Start" and "Date: End" sources, which helps you find it when you're
setting up your mapping.

This is only a UI change.
parent 428cfc85
......@@ -142,7 +142,7 @@ class DateiCalFeedsParser extends FeedsParser {
'date_ical_parse_handler' => 'parseDateTimeProperty',
$sources['RRULE'] = array(
'name' => t('Repeat Rule'),
'name' => t('Date: Repeat Rule'),
'description' => t('The RRULE property. Describes when and how often this event should repeat.
The date field for the target node must be configured to support repeating dates, using the Date Repeat Field module (a submodule of Date).'),
'date_ical_parse_handler' => 'parseRepeatProperty',
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