Commit 91bceb23 authored by jastraat's avatar jastraat Committed by Robert Rollins

Issue #2791847 by jastraat: Don't add arguments to ical path if the feed does not support arguments

parent c20412c2
......@@ -27,7 +27,22 @@ class date_ical_plugin_style_ical_feed extends views_plugin_style {
$url_options['absolute'] = TRUE;
$url = url($this->view->get_url(NULL, $path), $url_options);
// Only add arguments to ical path for the contextual filters in the feed display.
// Clone view to prevent affecting the page view where this is attached.
$clone = $this->view->clone_view();
$contextual_filters = $clone->get_items('argument');
$arg_number = count($contextual_filters);
// Only include as many arguments as the feed display supports.
foreach($clone->args as $key => $arg) {
if ($key >= $arg_number) {
$url = url($clone->get_url(NULL, $path), $url_options);
// If the user didn't disable the option, change the scheme to webcal://
// so calendar clients can automatically subscribe via the iCal link.
if (!$this->_get_option('disable_webcal')) {
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