Commit a621cb86 authored by maniosullivan's avatar maniosullivan Committed by Robert Rollins
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Issue #2686827: Worked around a bug in iCalcreator relating to very long RRULEs.

parent df3d0bd9
......@@ -493,6 +493,11 @@ class ParserVcalendar {
$rrule = trim($vcalendar_component->createRrule());
# Due to a bug in iCalcreator 2.20.2, any RRULE that's too long to fit on one line will be returned without
# the endline and second-line indentation removed. Thus, we need to do it ourselves.
$rrule = preg_replace('/\s/', '', $rrule);
$rdate = trim($vcalendar_component->createRdate());
$exrule = trim($vcalendar_component->createExrule());
$exdate = trim($vcalendar_component->createExdate());
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