Commit d8e15e87 authored by DelphineLepers's avatar DelphineLepers Committed by Robert Rollins

Issue #2909036 by Delphine Lepers: 'clone' is a reserved keyword introduced in PHP version 5.0

parent 59b6c025
......@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ function _date_ical_get_repeat_dates($field_name, $repeat_data, $item, $source)
$date_start = new DateObject($date, $timezone, DATE_FORMAT_DATETIME);
date_timezone_set($date_start, timezone_open($timezone_db));
$date_end = clone($date_start);
$date_end = clone $date_start;
date_modify($date_end, '+' . $duration . ' seconds');
$repeat_dates[$delta] = array(
'value' => date_format($date_start, date_type_format($field_info['type'])),
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