Commit dcf73cd6 authored by Robert Rollins's avatar Robert Rollins
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Issue #2199885: Worked around a bug in iCalcreator that invalidates "0" as a UID.

parent 3e49afa1
......@@ -34,6 +34,11 @@ class DateiCalFeedsParser extends FeedsParser {
throw new DateIcalException(t('Parsing the data from %url failed. Please ensure that this URL leads to a valid iCal feed.', array('%url' => $url)));
// Total hack to get around iCalcreator's mistreatment of UID "0".
if (empty($calendar->components[0]->uid) || empty($calendar->components[0]->uid['value'])) {
$calendar->components[0]->uid = array('value' => 'zero', 'params' => NULL);
// Allow modules to alter the vcalendar object before we interpret it.
$context = array(
'source' => $source,
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