Commit eaf32a84 authored by Robert Rollins's avatar Robert Rollins

Updated Changelog to be up-to-date with v2.6

parent 0b6a73ad
Date iCal 7.x
Version 7.x-2.4 through 7.x-2.6
- Issue #1905482, All Day events are now exported and imported correctly.
- Issue #1894966, Date iCal now officially requires Views 3.5. Using an earlier version causes strange issues.
- Added hook_date_ical_html_alter(), which lets modules tweak the HTML of a node before it gets converted to plaintext
for output in an iCal feed. This lets you control where newlines appear in the DESCRIPTION (only <p> tags are converted to newlines).
- Fixed a few other minor issues.
Version 7.x-2.1 through 7.x-2.3
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