Commit fff39f4c authored by Robert Rollins's avatar Robert Rollins
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Exporting <blockquote> elements should now be slightly less ugly.

parent 28759b5c
......@@ -231,7 +231,9 @@ function date_ical_sanitize_text($text = '') {
// single \n's lying around, because iCalcreator will properly "fold" long
// text fields for us. So, we need to remove all instances of \n which
// are neither immediately preceeded, nor followed, by another \n.
$text = preg_replace("/(?<!\n)\n(?!\n)/", " ", $text);
// However, \n's which are followed immediately by a > character should
// remain, because of how drupal_html_to_text() converts <blockquote>.
$text = preg_replace("/(?<!\n)\n(?![\n\>])/", " ", $text);
return $text;
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