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      While testing the patch from #2325649, I discovered a need to work around iCalcreator. · 0e07183c
      Robert Rollins authored
      iCalcreator knows that certain iCal properties (e.g. ATTENDEE) can have
      multiple entries in a single VEVENT. So when you access ATTENDEE for the
      first time, it gives you the first entry. Accessing it a second time gives
      back the second entry, or at least it tries to. If there is no second
      entry, iCalcreator returns False.
      Since Date iCal does not yet support multi-entry properties, I had to work
      around this functionality to ensure that hooks which add custom mappings
      don't run afoul of this process.
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      Added hook_date_ical_import_post_parse_alter(). · 7afb1324
      Robert Rollins authored
      This hook allows modules to alter the final data array for each event,
      just before it gets sent through the rest of the Feeds processing steps to
      be turned into a node. The context array is what separates this hook's
      functionality from what users can do with Feeds Tamper.
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  9. 26 Nov, 2013 1 commit
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      Initial Date iCal 3.1-dev commit. Fixed multi-property RDATEs and EXDATEs. · 009ebcfe
      Robert Rollins authored
      The Date Repeat module’s date_repeat_build_dates() function does not support
      RDATEs and EXDATEs defined as separate properties, as well as being a bit
      buggy in other ways. So I copy-pasta’d it and made the necessary fixes.
      I wanted to add support for EXRULEs, but it’s more complicated than I
      expected. So since no one has actually asked for it, I left it as a TODO.
  10. 05 Nov, 2013 1 commit
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      Issue #2127717: Parsed single-day All Day events are now given an end date. · 28759b5c
      Robert Rollins authored
      As jakemonO pointed out, the Calendar will not display All Day events which have no
      end date value, which means that Date iCal's method of leaving off the end date for
      single-day All Day events was a really bad idea. Fortuantely, setting the end date
      to the same day as the start date makes the date node display correctly for single-
      day events, which was the reason that the end date was being left off in the first
      place. This means that every All Day event can simply have it's end date rewound by
      one day, and all is well in both the node display and the Calendar.
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  12. 24 Oct, 2013 1 commit
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      Renamed hook_date_ical_import_calendar_alter to... · 690df398
      Robert Rollins authored
      Renamed hook_date_ical_import_calendar_alter to hook_date_ical_import_vcalendar_alter, to match the export hook.
      Also did some minor refactoring and comment editing.
      Date iCal 3.0 is nearing completion! The only major task remaining
      is to write the migration code.
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      RRULE import works now! · 05caebca
      Robert Rollins authored
      I hadn't yet tested the RRULE import code when I first pushed Date iCal 3.x-dev,
      but now I have. It's much more robust than it was in 2.x.
      In addition, I moved the parsing class out of DateiCalFeedsParser.inc and into
      libaries/ParserVcalendar.inc, which is like how Feeds' own CSV parser is set up.
  15. 18 Oct, 2013 1 commit
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      Initial commit of Date iCal 3.0! · 11f49c89
      Robert Rollins authored
      This new version is still in a state of partial completeness. You may need to do
      some manual fixing to get it working, due to a change I made in the classes
      offered by this module. Try 'drush cc registry' if 'drush cc all' fails.
      Please note that ALL of the hooks exposed by Date iCal have changed. They do
      essentially the same things they used to do, but they're named differently.
      The big change is that the Feeds plugin has been completely re-written to
      conform to the Feeds APIs. It's now much more resilient and powerful. Feeds
      Tamper will now work, and is in fact the prescribed way to alter data, since I
      removed several alter hooks.
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