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    Reverted Date iCal back to support for only iCalcreator v2.20.2. · 24b04f57
    Robert Rollins authored
    I'm a complete idiot, and totally failed to test the iCal import functionality
    with iCalcreator v2.22. Turns out, the author made much more significant changes
    to the library than I'd thought, and those changes completely broke the import
    process. With several hours of work, I could probably re-write Date iCal to
    support these changes, but those re-writes would necessarily make Date iCal
    incompatible with v2.20.2 of the library, which would break every existing Date
    iCal install the next time they update, unless they also update iCalcreator.
    Thus, due to my lack of available time, and the update incompatibility problem,
    I'm just declaring that Date iCal 7.x will not support iCalcreator v2.22, ever.
    If someone comes along to make a Drupal 8 version, they could choose to put in
    the time to re-write the guts of the import code to make it v2.22-compatible.
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