Commit 5d037a96 authored by gmercer's avatar gmercer Committed by Renato Goncalves H
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Issue #3000335 by gmercer, RenatoG: hostEntityId set to false when calling fetchHostDetails()

parent 96ca8ca8
......@@ -192,6 +192,7 @@ class FieldCollectionItemEntity extends Entity {
list($this->hostEntityId, $this->hostEntityRevisionId) = entity_extract_ids($this->hostEntityType, $this->hostEntity);
// If the host entity is not saved yet, set the id to FALSE. So
// fetchHostDetails() does not try to load the host entity details.
// Checking value of $this->hostEntityId.
if (!isset($this->hostEntityId)) {
$this->hostEntityId = FALSE;
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