Commit 71b9e418 authored by kristofferwiklund's avatar kristofferwiklund Committed by Renato Gonçalves H
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Issue #3173850 by kristofferwiklund, RenatoG: Alter hook for Field collection diff

parent 685447ed
......@@ -86,6 +86,7 @@ function field_collection_field_render_revision($item, $context) {
if (!empty($new_items)) {
$raw_values = $func($new_items, $field_context);
drupal_alter('field_diff_view', $raw_values, $new_items, $field_context);
$values = array();
foreach ($raw_values as $raw_value) {
$values[] = is_array($raw_value) ? implode(', ', $raw_value) : $raw_value;
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