Commit 958c25cc authored by bcoleman's avatar bcoleman Committed by Ra Mänd
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Issue #3079042 by Ben Coleman: Pending Update #7009 Failed on MSSQL/PostgreSQL

parent a8894ad5
......@@ -425,8 +425,7 @@ function field_collection_update_7009(&$sandbox) {
->fields('t', array("{$sandbox['field_name']}_revision_id"))
->range($sandbox['current_field_collection_item'], $items_per_pass)
$query->addExpression("COUNT(t.{$sandbox['field_name']}_revision_id)", 'vidcount');
$query->havingCondition('vidcount', 2, '>=');
$query->having("COUNT(t.{$sandbox['field_name']}_revision_id) >= 2");
$vids = $query->execute()->fetchCol();
// Each revision ID that occurs more than once.
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