Commit 99ef0fed authored by ehegedus's avatar ehegedus Committed by Joel Muzzerall
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Issue #2597027 by ehegedus: Tokens Problems detected

parent 197f516a
......@@ -50,6 +50,11 @@ function field_collection_token_info() {
* Inject an additional 'host' token to the 'field_collection_item' token type.
function field_collection_token_info_alter(&$data) {
$data['types']['field_collection_item'] = array(
'name' => t('Field collection'),
'description' => t('Tokens related to field collection.'),
'needs-data' => 'field_collection_item',
$data['tokens']['field_collection_item']['host'] = array(
'name' => t('Host entity'),
'description' => t('The host entity of this field collection item.'),
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