Commit ad188d71 authored by daveferrara1's avatar daveferrara1 Committed by Ra Mänd
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Issue #2607226 by daveferrara1, jurgenhaas, joep.hendrix: Field collection in...

Issue #2607226 by daveferrara1, jurgenhaas, joep.hendrix: Field collection in taxonomy terms fails saving because of missing revision support in taxonomy
parent f9edc4f6
......@@ -226,7 +226,7 @@ class FieldCollectionItemEntity extends Entity {
// not saved in the DB yet then fill in info about the hostEntity manually.
// This happens when creating a new revision of a field collection entity
// and it needs to relate to the new revision of the host entity.
if (!$this->hostEntityType) {
if (!$this->hostEntityType || isset($entity->tid)) {
$this->hostEntityType = $host_entity_type;
$this->hostEntity = $entity;
list($this->hostEntityId, $this->hostEntityRevisionId) = entity_extract_ids($this->hostEntityType, $this->hostEntity);
......@@ -246,7 +246,7 @@ class FieldCollectionItemEntity extends Entity {
else {
$current_host = entity_revision_load($this->hostEntityType, $this->hostEntityRevisionId);
list($current_id) = entity_extract_ids($this->hostEntityType, $current_host);
list($current_id) = $current_host ? entity_extract_ids($this->hostEntityType, $current_host) : array($recieved_id);
if ($current_id == $recieved_id) {
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