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Browse files file updated with the Google Maps Places Autocomplete Service new... file updated with the Google Maps Places Autocomplete Service new features and specifications.
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......@@ -25,7 +25,8 @@ An higly customizable Map widget providing an interactive and very intuitive
map on which to perform localization and input of geographic coordinates
- MULTIPOINTS Geofield mapping support;
- Google places autocomplete and geocoding APIs;
- Google Geocoding and
[Google Maps Places Autocomplete Service](;
- Google Map or Leaflet Map JS libraries and interfaces;
- Map click and marker dragging, with instant reverse geocoding;
- HTML5 Geolocation of the user position;
......@@ -87,7 +88,8 @@ Format settings for specific personalization;
#####Note: Grant the "Configure Geofield Map" permission to the Users Role that
should be able to configure/edit the module settings.
####Hints for Advanced Use:
####Hints for Advanced Use:
- For each GeofieldMapWidget it is possible the enable (and custom configure) addresses Geocoding via the [Google Maps Places Autocomplete Service](
- GeofieldMapWidget uses Leaflet MapTypes/Tiles pre-defined as LeafletTileLayers D8 plugins, but any third party module is able to define and add its new LeafletTileLayer Plugins.
- As default (configurable) option, eventual overlapping markers will be
Spiderfied, with the support of the
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