Commit 057567e3 authored by hass's avatar hass
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'Save configuration' requires a t() or it fails in other languages

parent d17e5780
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ class GoogleAnalyticsBasicTest extends DrupalWebTestCase {
// Check for account code validation.
$edit['googleanalytics_account'] = $this->randomName(2);
$this->drupalPost('admin/config/system/googleanalytics', $edit, 'Save configuration');
$this->drupalPost('admin/config/system/googleanalytics', $edit, t('Save configuration'));
$this->assertRaw(t('A valid Google Analytics Web Property ID is case sensitive and formatted like UA-xxxxxxx-yy.'), '[testGoogleAnalyticsConfiguration]: Invalid Web Property ID number validated.');
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