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#1804716: Setup optional modules in .test's fails

parent 9cafb688
......@@ -169,15 +169,12 @@ class GoogleAnalyticsCustomVariablesTest extends DrupalWebTestCase {
'name' => t('Google Analytics Custom Variables tests'),
'description' => t('Test custom variables functionality of Google Analytics module.'),
'group' => 'Google Analytics',
'dependencies' => array('token'),
function setUp() {
// @todo: Enabling token module fails. The reason maybe that GA does not
// require token module and therefore it's not set in the .info file.
// No idea how to fake this for the testing infrastucture.
//parent::setUp('googleanalytics', 'token');
parent::setUp('googleanalytics', 'token');
$permissions = array(
'access administration pages',
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