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#1702522: Declare variables for Variable API module and i18n module

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* @file
* Definition of variables for Variable API module..
* Implements hook_variable_info().
function googleanalytics_variable_info($options) {
$variables['googleanalytics_account'] = array(
'type' => 'string',
'title' => t('Web Property ID', array(), $options),
'default' => 'UA-',
'description' => t('This ID is unique to each site you want to track separately, and is in the form of UA-xxxxxxx-yy. To get a Web Property ID, <a href="@analytics">register your site with Google Analytics</a>, or if you already have registered your site, go to your Google Analytics Settings page to see the ID next to every site profile. <a href="@webpropertyid">Find more information in the documentation</a>.', array('@analytics' => '', '@webpropertyid' => ''), $options),
'required' => TRUE,
'group' => 'googleanalytics',
'localize' => TRUE,
'validate callback' => 'googleanalytics_validate_googleanalytics_account',
return $variables;
* Implements hook_variable_group_info().
function googleanalytics_variable_group_info() {
$groups['googleanalytics'] = array(
'title' => t('Google Analytics'),
'description' => t('Configure tracking behavior to get insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness.'),
'access' => 'administer google analytics',
'path' => array('admin/config/system/googleanalytics'),
return $groups;
* Validate Web Property ID variable.
function googleanalytics_validate_googleanalytics_account($variable) {
if (!preg_match('/^UA-\d{4,}-\d+$/', $variable['value'])) {
return t('A valid Google Analytics Web Property ID is case sensitive and formatted like UA-xxxxxxx-yy.');
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