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Damien McKenna committed
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Link 7.x-1.8, 2021-04-16
3 4
#2537248 by osopolar, Ronino, DamienMcKenna: Allow title without url on
5 6 7 8
#836710 by DamienMcKenna, ciss, Johan den Hollander, joachim, mstrelan, sos4nt,
  Paul Lomax, rcross, rooby, timofey, seanB, Adirael, esbite, kay_v,
  joep.hendrix: Convert links to their internal link representation if they
#3110061 by DamienMcKenna: Tidy up test files.
10 11
#3120382 by dsnopek, RenatoG, DamienMcKenna: Notice: Undefined index: title in
  link_field_load() (line 310 of link.module).
By DamienMcKenna: Unnecessary syntax change broke PHP 5.3 compatibility.
13 14
#3156021 by roman.haluska, klausi, DamienMcKenna, RenatoG: According to RFC4343
  uppercase letters in the domain name should be allowed.
#3208147 by DamienMcKenna: Simplify nested ternary logic in _link_sanitize().
16 17
#3121196 by torotil, DamienMcKenna, calebtr: Support relative fragment or query
  -only links.
#3208151 by DamienMcKenna: Coding standards cleanup.
#3178419 by DamienMcKenna: Simplify the theme functions.
20 21
#3208738 by jedihe, DamienMcKenna: Missing proper test_dependencies, testbot
  ignoring some tests.
#3208869 by DamienMcKenna: Simplify tests by extending LinkBaseTestClass.
#3208869 by DamienMcKenna: Forgot to update LinkSanitizeTest.
#3208957 by DamienMcKenna: Add unit tests for _link_parse_url().
25 26 27 28
#3095484 by DamienMcKenna, jedihe, silverham, circuscowboy, dungahk,
  codebymikey, bondjimbond, tcnolan7, La558, timwright_, Ron Collins, Summit,
  BrianLewisDesign, chegor, danbarron, SKrossa, wylbur, zorya: Query string,
  fragment stripped from URL.
29 30
#3158296 by marcosdr, opdavies, DamienMcKenna, paulocs: Enable to switch default
  link protocol between HTTP and HTTPS.
#3201437 by xlin, DamienMcKenna: Optional title for Selected Title.
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Damien McKenna committed
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Damien McKenna committed
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Link 7.x-1.7, 2019-11-14
36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 298 299 300 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309 310 311 312 313 314 315 316 317 318 319 320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 335 336 337 338 339 340 341 342 343 344 345 346 347 348 349 350 351 352 353 354 355 356 357 358 359 360 361 362
#3094381 by DamienMcKenna: Add a CHANGELOG.txt file.
#3094370 by DamienMcKenna: Coding standards tidy-up.
#3094307 by DamienMcKenna: Clean up tests a bit.
By DamienMcKenna: Added myself to the maintainers list.
#3041220 by Daniel Korte, nileema.jadhav, Deepak.Sharma, pifagor: False positive
  in link_validate_url() function with relative URLs with fragments.
#3038104 by jwilson3, cm0dit, pifagor: Support hashbang (#!) in URLs.
By drumm: Ensure attributes are not strings.
#2654246 by SurfinSpirit, moleCuleFFF, recrit,, whthat,
  sdstyles, rajiv.singh, ac, pifagor, dgtlmoon, Chris Matthews, Nishruu: Anchor
  and Query urls are not supported.
#2943127 by sean_e_dietrich, kyuubi, Chris Matthews, ShaunLaws, pifagor: Link
  field with static title always shows even when no url entered.
#2675568 by pianomansam, Chris Matthews, pifagor: Whether URL and Title entity
  properties are required is incorrectly determined.
#2718563 by makbul_khan8, jgalletta, idebr, malcomio, joekers, b.lammers,
  pifagor: Use link field widget in custom form.
#1475790 by idebr, quicksketch, donquixote, skessler, jcfiala, stevector, Zach,
  bk_bigfish, balumahender, jrao, pifagor, jbitdrop, das-peter: Link should not
  modify $item['url'] on node_view() (causes data loss when combined with
  Workbench Moderation).
#949604 by boazr, webadpro, zilverdistel, TheRuslan, GaëlG, barraponto,
  jhodgdon, diqidoq, jcfiala, Gábor Hojtsy, colan, mErilainen, knalstaaf,
  mfernea, pifagor: Static link text cannot be translated.
#1993920 by lwalley, johnnybgoode, Dragan Eror, weri, idebr, Etroid, jcfiala,
  jsst, alex_optim, diqidoq, dandaman: Allow tel: links.
#2428185 by das-peter, harsha012, hgoto, recrit, eelkeblok, weseze, nironan,
  pifagor, Alex Bukach, diqidoq: Language prefix and relative links broken.
#2974486 by naidim: Title field assumed when it may not exist.
#2966141 by RenatoG: Add translate in help section.
#2574331 by RenatoG, tjhart87: Utilize link target action in rules.
#2653852 by sassafrass, pifagor, NWOM, RenatoG: Token displayed when field is
#2966082 by RenatoG: Remove unused file for structure.
#2965798 by RenatoG: Update documentation for requirements.
#2965735 by RenatoG: Organize style structure. Create css folder for organizer.
#2965727 by RenatoG: Remove unused / commented code in views/
#2295071 by interX, pifagor: Recursion in field formatter with views.
#2195699 by Dane Powell, pifagor: Generate more creative URLS with
#2536756 by gareth-davies, pifagor: Unless using the default field formatter,
  classes are not transformed into an array which causes a fatal error.
#2916152 by azinck, pifagor: Override title in field formatter.
#2921141 by chishah92, Ambient.Impact, RenatoG: Use a real ellpsis instead of
  three dots (...).
#2945199 by salvis, pifagor: drupal_encode_path() is called twice.
#2813057 by klausi, pifagor, John Cook: mailto: link with subject parameter and
  upper case letter does not validate.
#2952073 by pifagor: Change correct deskription.
#2930024 by Dylan Donkersgoed, pifagor: file:// links often don't work.
#2948578 by RenatoG: Resolve all items reported by

Link 7.x-1.6, 2019-02-20
Ensure attributes are not strings.

Link 7.x-1.5, 2018-05-13
#2553705 and #2961210 by billywardrop, pifagor, vinmassaro, alex_optim,
  alex.mazaltov: Preparation of module version 1.5.

Link 7.x-1.5-beta3, 2018-02-21
By pifagor: Fixed test.
#2945139: options(&$options) deprecated since views2.
#2945137: Unused variables.
#2945133: Warning: Method call uses 2 parameters, but method signature uses 1
#2945131: Fix coding standards module.
#2945128: Fix coding standard test parts
#2901656 and #2210297 by nightwalkr, mfernea: validates that the input on the
  URL field actually exists as a path alias. Theme_link_formatter_link_default()
  doesn't work with classes defined in a preprocess function.
#2216399 by jemond: Provide Formatter to remove http:// or https:// from URL.
#1836632 by jmart: Double HTML escaping when using plain_title formatter.
By nileema.jadhav: Modification for bug fixes related to HTML entities in title
  and no protocol for url display format.
#2480723 by krystalcode, naidim, rrrob, sumitmadan, Argus, diqidoq, RenatoG,
  jbitdrop: Avoid warning in diff integration for links without title.
#2911860 by RenatoG: Fix tests items results.
By RenatoG: Fix tests.
#2244041 by alberto56, RenatoG: Undefined index: widget in link.module on line
#2743401 by RenatoG, MHuebner: Use parent directory in internal url.
#2897563 by RenatoG: Fix Coding Standards, Best Practices and Insert
  Documentation in Comments for Tests.
#2897348 by RenatoG: Update documentation in README file for nre template of
#2897332 by RenatoG: Fix all items of Code Review for Link.
#2166459 by j0rd, mstef: Notice: Undefined index: error_element in
  link_field_widget_error() (line 328 of link.module).

Link 7.x-1.5-beta2, 2017-07-25
#2889683 by Yago Elias, RenatoG: Protocol-less URLs should be cleaned for use.
#2558497 by joachim, RenatoG: property type for 'url' entity metadata property
  should not be 'url'.
#2299657 by RenatoG, egfrith, ChuChuNaKu, idebr, jtsnow, rootwork,
  kristiaanvandeneynde, GoddamnNoise, Leeteq, jcfiala, Remon, drumm, tobiberlin,
  brantwynn, klonos, Vacilando, quicksketch, mikeytown2, samuel.mortenson,
  brice_gato, katjam, kenorb, ultimike, Graber, rv0, othermachines, r0nn1ef,
  DamienMcKenna, doraf, jmart, reptilex, Berliner-dupe, jp.stacey, JonMcL: Allow
  any TLD because site admins can never keep up with ICANN.
#2499165 by jcnventura, RenatoG: Validate all latin accented chars.
#1295132 by Scyther, RenatoG: Unnecessary variables in link.install.
#1335424 by claudiu.cristea, RenatoG: Title as a select.
#2612176 by FluxSauce, pcambra, RenatoG: PHP Fatal error: Class
  'MigrateFieldHandler' not found.
#2693731 by Antonnavi, RenatoG: Tokens replaced on "Static title" when "Allow
  user-entered tokens" not enabled.

Link 7.x-1.5-beta1, 2017-01-14
#2140087 by olofjohansson, maximpodorov, mistermoper, RenatoG: Allow '0' as the
  link title.
#1418762 by num37, RenatoG, rvilar, jcfiala, randyhook: Provide default title
  when title is optional.
#2553705 by Trav84, aguilarm, michaelfavia, reshma.i, RenatoG, roopeshnaik:
  Static Title does not show up when using 'Optional URL' + 'Static Title' with
  an empty URL.
#2323441 by paolomainardi, sumitmadan, SylvainM, brockfanning, rob_johnston,
  RenatoG, mikeryan: [Patch] Migrate language argument array handling.
#2299657 by egfrith, RenatoG, ChuChuNaKu, idebr, jtsnow, rootwork,
  kristiaanvandeneynde, GoddamnNoise, Leeteq, jcfiala, Remon, drumm, tobiberlin,
  brantwynn, klonos, Vacilando, quicksketch, mikeytown2, samuel.mortenson,
  brice_gato, katjam, kenorb, ultimike, Graber, rv0, othermachines, r0nn1ef,
  DamienMcKenna, doraf, jmart, reptilex, jp.stacey, JonMcL: Allow any TLD
  because site admins can never keep up with ICANN.
#1909788 by mthomas, jesss, csc4, Kpolymorphic, RenatoG: Add an entity token for
  the display_url.
#2650956 by loopduplicate, amitmaity, karsumit94, RenatoG: Code standards are
  not followed for array modified in 2367069.
#2299657 by egfrith, RenatoG, ChuChuNaKu, idebr, jtsnow, rootwork,
  kristiaanvandeneynde, GoddamnNoise, Leeteq, jcfiala, Remon, drumm, tobiberlin,
  brantwynn, klonos, Vacilando, quicksketch, mikeytown2, samuel.mortenson,
  brice_gato, katjam, kenorb, ultimike, Graber, rv0, othermachines, r0nn1ef,
  DamienMcKenna, doraf, jmart, reptilex, Berliner-dupe, jp.stacey, JonMcL,
  peter-majmesku: Allow any TLD because site admins can never keep up with
#2299657 by egfrith, ChuChuNaKu, RenatoG, idebr, jtsnow, rootwork, Leeteq,
  kristiaanvandeneynde, GoddamnNoise, tobiberlin, Remon, drumm, jcfiala, klonos,
  brantwynn, quicksketch, mikeytown2, samuel.mortenson, brice_gato, Vacilando,
  katjam, kenorb, ultimike, Graber, rv0, DamienMcKenna, doraf, jmart, reptilex,
  jp.stacey, JonMcL: Allow any TLD because site admins can never keep up with
#2890057 by RenatoG: All content of file commented "" should be
  use @codingStandardsIgnoreFile tag.
#2299657 by egfrith, ChuChuNaKu, RenatoG, idebr, jtsnow, Leeteq, GoddamnNoise,
  tobiberlin, kristiaanvandeneynde, Remon, jcfiala, rootwork, drumm, klonos,
  brice_gato, quicksketch, brantwynn, mikeytown2, Vacilando, reptilex,
  samuel.mortenson, DamienMcKenna, ultimike, Graber, rv0, doraf, jp.stacey,
  kenorb, jmart, JonMcL, katjam: Allow any TLD because site admins can never
  keep up with ICANN.
#2890013 by RenatoG: Fix codings standards for Link.
#2889755 by RenatoG: Fixed Best practice in Drupal.
#2566443 by ohthehugemanatee, RenatoG: Broken description text when used through
  Form API.
#2888582 by RenatoG: Resolved unused variables in install file.
#2723993 by dhruveshdtripathi, rahul.shinde, jeevanbhushetty, RenatoG: help hook
  is not there.
#2578521 by kala4ek, arialvix, soapboxcicero, ervit, RenatoG: Validation error.
#2888510 by RenatoG: Create tip for token on install.
#2888480 by RenatoG: Fixed documentation links in new window target "blank".
#2888461 by RenatoG: Clear variable "link_extra_domains" on uninstall.
#2843813 by idebr, klausi, michael_wojcik, clemens.tolboom: Fix failing tests
  due to missing 'administer fields' permission.

Link 7.x-1.4, 2016-01-14
UPC-99: Apply patch: link-field_link_validate_overrites_langcode-2632728.patch
#2470377 by rhclayto: Adding a class with underscores, the class gets rendered
  with hyphens
#609560 by Boobaa: Provide token for hostname
#2470968: Add README.txt
#2247261 by heddn, sumitmadan: URLs are not validated
#2513706 by rrfegade: Spelling errors in D7
#2055111 by joelpittet, mikeytown2: skip over re-loading entities for tokens in
  link field attributes unless there's a token to process.
#2367069 by jcfiala:Fixed entity_token for link after node_view was called.
Added setup function to LinkValidateUrlLight to enable link module, which was
  failing qa testbot.
#2364673 by jcfiala: Replaced drupal_html_class() with
  drupal_clean_css_identifier() so that link field classes are not forced to
  lower case.
Added tests to test entity_token token with link.

Link 7.x-1.3, 2014-10-21
By jcfiala: Various small fixes to pass coder review.
#2351223 by Xano: Improve field validation error message.
#2350253 by genjohnson: Fixed Link with ! (exclamation) in URL query returns
  "not a valid URL".
#1483494 by vinmassaro, cord1: Notice: Undefined index: url in _link_process()
  (line 345 of ../link.module).
#1955976 by chOP, erikhopp, idebr, d.clarke | Jim Cutler: Added Allow relative
  paths with validation.
#2117099 by tim.plunkett: Expose attributes as property info.
#1930430 by benjifisher: Fixed Migration integration misses title attribute for
  mutiple-valued link fields.
#97766 by tanepiper, heddn, timbrandin, droath, alanburke, Digidog: Class
  attribute field option for each dataset in link widget.
#1266474 by redndahead, franz, RobLoach, jcfiala, markabur: Use field label as
  the label for the title field
#2036645 by lex0r: restricting the explode to 2 items when breaking apart
  querystrings helps prevent problems with unescaped = characters in the data.
#2223571 by jcfiala: Included new tld that had been included into the 6.x-2.x
#1836632 by jcfiala:Removed double-encoding of titles when url not specified in
  link field.
#1980736 by Cottser: Allow child elements of the link field to be rendered.

Link 7.x-1.2, 2013-11-24
#1866632 by mohamadaliakbari,poiu:Adding rtl support to the link field.
#1928116 by jcfiala: Added field variable to variables for link formatter
  functions in hook_theme.
#2141643:Applying changes suggested by coder
#2043001 by zhuber:Add xxx to list of top level domains.
#2036115 by Samvel:Validation of link field was not being properly passed
  through to hook_field_widget_error().
#1616752 by Taran2L:Period in names of querystring items was being replaced with
#2123277 by zhuber:Link devel generate was applying titles to links with no
  title set.
#1936784 by jeffam, illmasterc: Ampersands were being escaped in urls.
#1784862 by aaronbauman: Added dialog switch to code displaying available
#1914286 by facine: Fixes Title value in link_field_update_instance undefined
#1918850 by jsacksick: Prevents undefined variable messages in

Link 7.x-1.1, 2013-02-09
By jcfiala: Fixed broken token tests - setUp on LinkBaseTestClass was broken.
#949604 by zilverdistel: Added i18n support for the static link text field
#1909314 by Simon Georges: Removing link.install from the files[]
By jcfiala: Removed all places where #markup was being set to a theme function
  output with #theme.
#1674284 by sun, jcfiala: Cleaning up the code to Drupal standards, this time
  with the tests.
#1674284 by sun, jcfiala: Cleaning up the code to Drupal standards.
By hass:Fixing a string in the target argument handler to be t-compatible.
By hackwater: Fixed minor typo which spelled automatically wrong.
#1458502 by eugene.brit:Fixing Undefined index: target in _link_sanitize()
#1010850 by benjifisher: Update MigrateFieldHandler to work with migrate-7.x-2.4
  and later.
#1889918 by jcfiala,Boobaa: Changed the bad url error message to include the
  field's label.
#1179944 by jcfiala, mr.york: Added variable_get calls so that the list of TLD
  that pass validation can be set by admins.
#1766150 by jcfiala: Blank urls will no longer be treated the same as links to
#1686024 by Alan D.: Added implementation of hook_field_diff_view().
#1715246 by Haza, jcfiala: Fixed strict warning when loading entity for token
  use, also fixed problem with the title attribute not being handeld properly.
#1309768 by jcfiala: Made URL label of url-only link fields invisible instead of
  removing it, to be 508 compliant.
#1645640 by barraponto:Fixing <front> links as well as double-printing of
By jcfiala: Fixed how possible tokens are displayed when setting up a link field
  - had been using a variable which was not defined in that scope.
#43870: Cleaned up and conslidated the link formatter tests so that the tests
  can run faster.
#438770: Fixed code to align with tests - handling the 'token type' fetching
  better and fixing the separate link display to match previous functionality.
#1047444 by Sweetchuck, jcfiala: Updated how tokens are handled so that the
  proper token references are used, and not just 'node'.
#1309658 by jcfiala: Small nudge to the views tokens fix to handle problem with
  relative links going through url() twice.
#472766 by mstrelan: Added new formatter to display domain as link.
#1710578 by jcfiala: Added code to prevent unnecessary = signs in querystrings.
#1309658 by jcfiala: Rearranged the link code so that the query and fragment are
  not separated from the url so that views can access them in a token.
#1290904 by gordon:Moved link processing on save from the hook_field_presave
  link to the hook_field_insert/update hook to prevent problem with
#1525668 by mikeryan: Removed type-hint of $entity in the migrate prepare
#1599314 by arpieb: Adding spaces, periods, and parenthesis to internal file
#1368616 by grndlvl: Fix required marker so it shows if title is not displayed.
#1512954 by jfiala, mikeytown2: Added code to prevent error in
  theme_link_formatter_link_plain(), improved use of $link_options array in
  theme functions.
#1125766 by jcfiala, David Stosik, Eric_A: Provided default value for link
  targets when link field uses user input for target.
#1230256 by yched: Fixed D6 migration (cck_migrate()).
#1218428 by twistor, Digidog: Fixed - Link tests, LinkValidateUrlLight because
  link validate_url is called but not available.
#1409980 by luisortizramos, effulgentsia, Digidog: Fixed - Validation error
  -Invalid URL- is not reported properly. The corresponding form_set_error()
  calls have been fixed.
#1441702 by Digidog: Fixed - Rel attribute should have an option to get
  automaticly turned on/off if link is internal/external.
#1418674 by rvilar, Digidog: Fixed - Bad variable concatenation in t() function-
#1321482 by Liam Morland, KarlShea, Summit, Jevedor, Digidog: Fixed -Query
  string and fragment are removed, resulting in parts of the URL being lost-
#1066328 by Bevan, jcfiala, dkingofpa, sammys, Digidog: Formatter for use with
  url() and Views its -output this field as a link- fields (Absolute url
  formatter added).
#1429684 by das-pater: Dont unserialize already unserialized attributes in
  _link_load(). The patch contains condition before unserialize in _link_load(),
  link_views_handler_argument_target::query() is now compatible to its parent to
  avoid php strict notices.
#698438 by tim.plunkett: Added support for Devel Generate
#1010850 by jcfiala, quartsize, raman2385, Bevan, eporama, das-peter,
  smithmilner, Digidog: Fixed MigrateFieldHandler to work with Migrate Module.

Link 7.x-1.0, 2011-10-23
#1318850 by Digidog: Fixed completion of special chars for function
  link_validate_url() in line 916.
#1199806 by ss81, jcfiala, Digidog: Fixed fatal error when the link URl is equal
  to page URL.
#1307788 Feature request by nmc, tars16, Digidog: Fixed Add custom maxlength to
  link title text.
#1217396 by WilliamB,noahb,orakili,Digidog: Fixed options multiple-value &
  required break input/save and produces error: At least one title or URL must
  be entered.
#1036628 by gargoyle,jcfiala,wizonesolutions,Digidog: Fixed to allow more
  special chars in url validation for use cases like twitter etc. (f.e.: # , ~ )
#948658 by brenk28, Dave Reid, becw, jcfiala, iMiksu, BTMash, Digidog: Fixed
  noticeof Undefined index: title in _link_sanitize() - hopefully, finally.
#1079782 by fago, klausi, drunken monkey, jcfiala, Digidog: Fixed support for
  hook_entity_property_info() including search API and Rules. @todo: needs
364 365 366 367 368 369 370 371 372 373 374 375 376 377 378 379 380 381 382 383 384 385 386 387 388 389 390 391 392 393 394 395 396 397 398 399 400 401 402 403 404 405 406 407 408 409 410 411 412 413 414 415 416 417 418 419 420 421 422 423 424 425 426 427 428 429 430 431 432 433 434 435 436 437 438 439 440 441 442 443 444 445 446
  simpletests to be submitted for rc1.

Link 7.x-1.0-beta1, 2011-09-26
#1264208 by lazysoundsystem, Digidog: Fixed recursive serialization of
#1218422 by Dave Reid, twistor, Digidog: Fixed tests files: strict warnings
  about static getInfo and parameters for setUp(), whitespace, and file
#1038444 by Dave Reid, Digidog: Fixed 3 issues plus #required on title prevents
  submission. All issues have been fixed with patch of Dave Reid from January.
  Patch manually retrieved for latest 7.x-1.x by Digidog.
#1105816 by thekevinday, jcfiala, Digidog: Fixed improper use of db_type by
  committing patch of thekevinday at comment-5028534.
#335281 by thePanz, jcfiala, stella, Digidog: committed patch by stella
  #comment-4929778 for title attribute support.
#519416 by jcfiala: Added the plain text display of just the link title, which
  was available in 6.x but had not been added to 7.x yet.
By jcfiala: Added slight changes to how links are validated to bring them in
  line withvalid_url().
#1148864 by jcfiala: Re-enabled the ability to turn off url validation.
#1063764 by bdragon,jcfiala: Renamed all field formatters to start with 'link_'
  so they will be unique.
#1078254 by jcfiala: added a hook_update_n call that copies settings from the
  field to the instance.
#1126384 by burki: Started using field_widget_instance to get link field
  settings in link_field_process, which is more standard than hunting in the
  for it.
#1125384 by Rob Loach: Changed url length in link_field_schema to not use the
  constant which is not always defined.
#1043348 by jcfiala: Finished updating the formatting code so that querystrings
  and fragments of urls work as in 6.x-2.x.
#438770 by jcfiala: Adding test that makes sure the 'plain url' formatter is
  working properly with the basic case.
#1043348 by jcfiala: First pass at fixing problems with raw urls
  ending up as index.php? Need more testing/fixing with
  fragments and querystrings - not complete.
#1056364 by the_phi: Checking that ['settings']['enable_tokens'] exists before
  the value is compared.
#1078736 by jcfiala: Added empty handler for hook_link_form_settings to make
  ield Permissions work.

Link 7.x-1.0-alpha3, 2011-02-07
bug report #1008562 by jcfiala: Looking into URL, as link error caused me to
  realize that the _link_sanitize was being called in the wrong place - now
  called on link_field_prepare_view.
bug report by jcfiala: Fixed error from missing index by changing ['required']
  to ['required'].
bug report #1026040 by pcambra: Updated token help to use the updated token
  module and token display.
bug report #1033112 by Dave Reid: Removing extra lines from
task #970392 by jcfiala: Added content_migrate_field_alter and
  content_migrate_instance_alter hooks to link.module to help with upgrading
  from D6 to D7.
feature request #1012372 by jcfiala: Tried using
  hook_field_instance_settings_form to allow per-instance settings. Also,
  re-added a bunch of old tests from 6.x.

Link 7.x-1.0-alpha2, 2010-12-13
task #960062 by jcfiala: Added package of 'fields' to the file.
task #997270 by jcfiala: Removed content in, and added file
  references to the link_views_handler files in for better views
By jcfiala: Added more code to attribute test.
By jcfiala: Edited the two test files so that simpletests run without error,
  although they don't test nearly enough.
bug report #952656 by Dave_Reid: Moved hook_field_schema() to link.install,
  other small tweaks to remove old references.
bug report #948628 by brenk28, bec: Fixing setting references in and removing
  calls to see if token is enabled.

Link 7.x-1.0-alpha1, 2010-12-07
#955214 by alex_b,jcfiala: Fixed problem where a url with a querystring caused
  fatal errors.
#956182 by jmiccolis, bec, Bevan: Theme fixing for the theme_link_field
#696678 by tristanoneil: Link module now showing basic functionality - still not
  done, but better.
#696678 by Garrett Albright: Initial attempt at updating Link module to Drupal 7
  - does not really work but is a start.
By dropcube: First working copy of the 7.x version.