Commit 20d1eab8 authored by John C Fiala's avatar John C Fiala
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task #438770 by jcfiala: added link.crud.test and first simpletest - adding link field via api.

parent 2c42928a
// $Id$
* @file
* Basic CRUD simpletests for the link module, based off of content.crud.test in CCK.
// Need to include content.crud.test so we can inherit from it's ContentCrudTestCase.
require_once(drupal_get_path('module', 'content') .'/tests/content.crud.test');
class LinkContentCrudTest extends ContentCrudTestCase {
function getInfo() {
return array(
'name' => t('Link CRUD - Basic API tests'),
'description' => t('Tests the field CRUD (create, read, update, delete) API. <strong>Requires <a href="@schema_link">Schema module</a>.</strong>', array('@schema_link' => '')),
'group' => t('Link'),
function setUp() {
parent::setUp('link', 'views');
* All we're doing here is creating a content type, creating a simple link field
* on that content type, and making sure said field exists in the database.
function testLinkCreateFieldAPI() {
$field = $this->createField(array('type' => 'link', 'widget_type' => 'link'), 0);
$this->assertEqual(1, 1, print_r($this->content_types, TRUE));
$this->assertEqual(1, 1, print_r($field, TRUE));
$table_schema = drupal_get_schema();
$this->assertEqual(1, 1, print_r(array_keys($table_schema), TRUE));
// Check the schema - the values should be in the per-type table.
'per_type' => array(
$this->content_types[0]->type => array($field['field_name'] => array('url', 'title', 'attributes')),
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