Commit 4a7b4601 authored by John Fiala's avatar John Fiala
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Issue #1056364 by the_phi:Checking that ['settings']['enable_tokens'] exists...

Issue #1056364 by the_phi:Checking that ['settings']['enable_tokens'] exists before the value is compared.
parent 200ed1bc
......@@ -351,7 +351,7 @@ function _link_sanitize(&$item, $delta, &$field, $instance, &$node) {
// Replace URL tokens.
if ($instance['settings']['enable_tokens']) {
if (isset($instance['settings']['enable_tokens']) && $instance['settings']['enable_tokens']) {
global $user;
// Load the node if necessary for nodes in views.
$token_node = isset($node->nid) ? node_load($node->nid) : $node;
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