Commit fb1abc90 authored by Nathan Haug's avatar Nathan Haug
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#268109. Link field does contain any formatters in Views.

parent 3d59b3a7
......@@ -15,8 +15,6 @@ function link_views_content_field_data($field) {
// Tweak the automatic views data for the link "url" field.
// Set the filter title to "@label URL"
$data[$table_alias][$field['field_name'] .'_url']['filter']['title'] = t('@label URL', array('@label' => t($field_types[$field['type']]['label']))) .': '. t($field['widget']['label']);
// Set the field handler to the basic Views handler, removing the "Link this field to its node" option
$data[$table_alias][$field['field_name'] .'_url']['field']['handler'] = 'views_handler_field';
// Remove the argument handling for URLs.
unset($data[$table_alias][$field['field_name'] .'_url']['argument']);
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