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Updating CHANGELOG to release 7.x-3.2.

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OAuth 7.x-3.x, 2013--
OAuth 7.x-3.2, 2013-24-01
Issue #1987350 by juampy: Fixed Warnings when authorizing a consumer via the user interface.
Issue #1907970 by John Franklin: Fixed patch files snuck into the repository.
Issue #1809068 by kylebrowning, MrMaksimize, Deciphered: Fixed Cannot leave callback formfield blank even though it is not required.
Issue #1976504 by rj, Pancho and Nick_vh: Fixed Notice: Undefined index: Auth in OAuthUtil::get_headers()
Issue #1310984 by aadityawalawalkar | basht: Fixed PDOException with PostgreSQL when viewing page /user/1 if OAuth Provider UI in on.
OAuth 7.x-3.1, 2013-2-3
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