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# README Help module
This module in the first place is intended for developers. The
main feature of the module is reflected in its name:
Allows automatically to display module's *README* file on
the **admin/help/your_module** page. Provides [markdown ↗](
text filter for creating text formats.
> Forget about implementing `hook_help()` in `your_module.module` file. Just
> Tip: you can see this file in your browser by clicking
the [admin/help#](#0 "? Help") link at the right of the *Admin toolbar* and then
the [admin/help/readmehelp#](#0 "README Help") link in the list.
Forget about implementing `hook_help()` in `your_module.module` file. Just
write a decent *README* file with all information required and see it looking
almost the same both on the **admin/help/your_module** page as well in your text
editor. No more hardly to read (and to write!) markup intermingled with an
......@@ -372,7 +379,7 @@ and edit for your needs.
###### Module author:
Vladimir Proshin (drugan)
Vlad Proshin (drugan)
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