Commit 60f14e3e authored by Dave Reid's avatar Dave Reid
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by Dave Reid: Re-load account objects that were not properly loaded.

parent 86d8e5fb
......@@ -46,16 +46,30 @@ function realname_menu() {
function realname_username_alter(&$name, stdClass $account) {
static $in_username_alter = FALSE;
if (empty($account->uid)) {
// Don't alter anonymous users or objects that do not have any user ID.
// Real name was loaded/generated via hook_user_load(), so re-use it.
if (isset($account->realname)) {
if (drupal_strlen($account->realname)) {
// Only if the real name is a non-empty string is $name actually altered.
$name = $account->realname;
elseif (!$in_username_alter) {
// Because realname tokens may execute format_username() we need to prevent
// recursion from happening.
// Real name was not yet available for the account so we need to generate it.
// Because tokens may call format_username() we need to prevent recursion.
if (!$in_username_alter) {
$in_username_alter = TRUE;
if ($realname = realname_load($account)) {
// If $account->realname was undefined, then the user account object was
// likely not properly loaded.
$realname_account = user_load($account->uid);
if ($realname = realname_load($realname_account)) {
$name = $realname;
$in_username_alter = FALSE;
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