Commit dcd1762d authored by markfullmer's avatar markfullmer Committed by Mark Fullmer

Issue #3092834 by mark_fullmer, Charlie ChX Negyesi: Config files missing

parent cc7d23fd
views_enabled: '0'
views_tablesaw_mode: stack
type: config_object
type: string
label: "Views enabled"
type: string
label: "Views tablesaw mode"
* @file
* Responsive Tables Filter install file.
* Set initial responsive tables filter settings for existing sites.
function responsive_tables_filter_update_8001() {
$config_factory = \Drupal::configFactory();
$config = $config_factory->getEditable('responsive_tables_filter.settings');
$config->set('views_enabled', '0');
$config->set('views_tablesaw_mode', 'Stack Mode');
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