Commit ae5c5c36 authored by Cody Craven's avatar Cody Craven
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Removed validated todo.

parent 23e7e657
Taxonomy Display 7.x-1.x, YYYY-MM-DD
Removed validated todo.
Removed CVS "; $Id$" from files.
Issue #1274870 by codycraven: Fixed views plugin reporting error when no result.
Issue #1261270 by codycraven: Added caching to fetch taxonomy display settings.
......@@ -229,7 +229,6 @@ function _taxonomy_display_admin_form_build_plugin_form($type, &$fieldset, &$for
// Populate $options with plugins that are available.
$options = taxonomy_display_plugins($type);
// TODO: Finish testing missing plugin support.
// Add support for missing plugins.
if (isset($stored_settings[$type . '_plugin_missing'])) {
$options = array_merge(array('missing' => t('-- Missing plugin --')), $options);
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