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# CS 349 X Windows and XLib Example Code
To make ("compile and link") an example, use the included makefile with
the name of cpp file passed as a variable. For example, to make hello.cpp:
make NAME="hello"
Then, to run:
Or you can even compile, link, and run in one step:
make run NAME="hello"
## Examples
### Windowing Systems
hello.cpp Draws text in window, demos larger font choice.
null.min.cpp Creates and destroys a display (a good first test to see
if X Windows is working).
openwindow.min.cpp Opens a single blank window (minimal version)
openwindow.cpp Opens a single blank window
### Drawing
drawing.min.cpp Demos drawing and graphics context (minimal version)
drawing.cpp Demos drawing functions and graphics contexts
### Events
eventloop.min.cpp Demos events by displaying mouse motion events
to console (minimal version)
eventloop.cpp Demos events by drawing text at cursor location
animation.cpp Demos animation using non-blocking
event loop.
doublebuffer.cpp Demos double buffering (using same
demo as animation.cpp)
clipping.cpp Demos clipping using a mouse controlled clipping
rectangle to reveal a pattern of random lines.
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