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* [Database](Database-Authentication.html)
* [JAAS](JAAS-Authentication.html)
* [LDAP](LDAP-Authentication.html)
* [Legacy](Legacy-Authentication.html)
* [OAuth 1.0/2.0, OpenID](OAuth-OpenId-Authentication.html)
* [RADIUS](RADIUS-Authentication.html)
* [SPNEGO](SPNEGO-Authentication.html) (Windows)
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title: CAS - Legacy Authentication
# Legacy Authentication
Legacy authentication components are enabled by including the following dependencies in the Maven WAR overlay:
{% highlight xml %}
{% endhighlight %}
## Legacy Components
CAS provides the following components to accommodate different legacy authentication needs for backwards compatibility:
Adapts a CAS 3.x `AuthenticationHandler` onto a CAS 4.x `AuthenticationHandler`. If the supplied legacy authentication handler supports `NamedAuthenticationHandler`, then its defined name will be used to identify the handler. Otherwise, the name of the class itself will be used.
Interface to be implemented by adapters to determine how credentials need be converted over to CAS 4.
Adapts and converts a CAS 4 username/password credential into a CAS 3.x username/password credential.
### Sample Configuration
{% highlight xml %}
<bean id="legacyAuthHandler"
c:adapter-ref="usernamePasswordCredentialsAdapter" />
{% endhighlight %}
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