Commit 5549218f authored by Jonathan Shahen's avatar Jonathan Shahen
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HOTFIX: fixing the new name for the data file in data/testcases/

parent f990b135
......@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ public class MohawkCUI {
System.out.println("-noheader -mode bmc -run all -input data/regressiontests/positive1.spec !exit");
System.out.println("-noheader -mode bmc -run all -input data/regressiontests/positive2.spec !exit");
System.out.println("-noheader -mode bmc -run all -input data/regressiontests/positive3.spec !exit");
System.out.println("-run smv -input data/testcases/positive/test7.spec -smvfile positive7.smv !exit");
System.out.println("-run smv -input data/testcases/positive/test07.mohawk -smvfile positive7.smv !exit");
System.out.println("-mode bmc -run all -input data/testcases/positive/test6.spec !exit");
System.out.println("-mode bmc -run all -input data/testcases/positive/slice6.spec !exit");
System.out.println("-mode bmc -run all -bulk -input data/testcases/positive !exit");
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