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fixed small bug in QSP function and added (hacky) support to use salinity as a tracer for QSP.

parent 21a589ea
......@@ -318,8 +318,8 @@ void QSPCount(const TArrayn::DTArray &t, const TArrayn::DTArray &u,
double volume_weight;
if (mapped) {
// Calculate the Lz range
double Lzmax_now = global_z_max(ii, jj);
double Lzmin_now = global_z_min(ii, jj);
double Lzmax_now = global_z_max(i, j);
double Lzmin_now = global_z_min(i, j);
// Calculate the arc length
double arc, z_high, z_low, cos_high, cos_low;
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ double T1_max, S1_max, T1_min, S1_min;
char T1_name, S1_name;
int NT, NS;
string QSP_filename;
bool grab_grids;
bool use_salinity;
// physical parameters
double visco; // viscosity (m^2/s)
......@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ class userControl : public BaseCase {
// If user asks to grab the grids, we allocate arrays to store
// them in memory
if (grab_grids) {
if (mapped) {
xgrid = alloc_array(Nx, Ny, Nz);
if (Ny > 1) {
ygrid = alloc_array(Nx, Ny, Nz);
......@@ -429,15 +429,17 @@ class userControl : public BaseCase {
// Compute QSP data. The code promises to not mutate the arrays,
// nor to make deep copies of them
if ( do_hist ){
// Read in T to temp1 if required.
if (T1_name == 't' || S1_name == 't' || T1_name == 'T' ||
if (use_salinity) {
init_tracer_restart("s", *temp1);
} else if (T1_name == 't' || S1_name == 't' || T1_name == 'T' ||
S1_name == 'T') {
init_tracer_restart("t", *temp1);
// If user asked to grab the grids, we populate the grids
// with the correct data from disk
if (grab_grids) {
if (mapped) {
do_mapping(*xgrid, *ygrid, *zgrid);
} else {
// Make sure that if the user didn't want us to grab the
......@@ -449,7 +451,7 @@ class userControl : public BaseCase {
QSPCount(*temp1, u, v, w, T1_name, S1_name, NS, NT, T1_max,
S1_max, T1_min, S1_min, Nx, Ny, Nz, QSP_filename,
plotnum, grab_grids, xgrid, ygrid, zgrid);
plotnum, mapped, xgrid, ygrid, zgrid);
if (master()) {
fprintf(stdout, "Completed the write for QSP.%d\n", plotnum);
......@@ -527,7 +529,6 @@ int main(int argc, char ** argv) {
add_option("do_R",&do_R,false,"Calculate R?");
add_option("do_Q_and_R",&do_Q_and_R,false,"Calculate Q and R?");
add_option("do_lambda2",&do_lambda2,false,"Calculate Lambda2?");
add_option("grab_grids",&grab_grids,false,"Grab grid data? (NOTE: grid data is expected to be named xgrid, ygrid zgrid).");
add_option("do_hist",&do_hist,false,"Create QSP Data?");
add_option("T1",&T1_name,'t', "Name of tracer 1 for QSP. Valid values are t (for rho),u,v,w,T (for temp) or k for K.E.");
add_option("S1",&S1_name,'w', "Name of tracer 2 for QSP. Valid values are t (for rho),u,v,w,T (for temp) or k for K.E.");
......@@ -535,6 +536,7 @@ int main(int argc, char ** argv) {
add_option("T1_min",&T1_min,std::numeric_limits<double>::min(), "Minimum explicit bin for T1 in QSP.");
add_option("S1_max",&S1_max,std::numeric_limits<double>::max(), "Maximum explicit bin for S1 in QSP.");
add_option("S1_min",&S1_min,std::numeric_limits<double>::min(), "Minimum explicit bin for S1 in QSP.");
add_option("QSP_salinity",&use_salinity, false, "Should salinity be read in from filename s?.");
add_option("QSP_filename",&QSP_filename,"QSP_default", "Filename to save data to. Don't include file extension.");
add_option("NS",&NS,10,"Number of bins for tracer S");
add_option("NT",&NT,10,"Number of bins for tracer T");
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