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......@@ -167,9 +167,11 @@ TODO
* *brushstart* event ↦ *start* event
* *brushend* event ↦ *end* event
* add *brush*.handleSize
* add *brush*.filter; ignore right-click by default
* add *brush*.filter
* improve the default appearance of the brush
* improve brush interaction (e.g., SHIFT key)
* simplify the internal structure of the brush slightly (still customizable?)
* change the structure of brush events, no longer reports “mode”
* improve brush interaction - ignore right-click, SHIFT to lock x/y, META for new brush
* brushes no longer use scales; they operate in screen coordinates
* brushes no longer store state internally; it is stored on applied elements
* remove *brush*.clamp; always clamps to the brushable region
......@@ -248,6 +250,8 @@ d3.tsvFormat([{foo: {toString: function() { return "\"foo\""; }}}]);
* d3.tsv.parseRows ↦ d3.tsvParseRows
* d3.tsv.format ↦ d3.tsvFormat
* d3.tsv.formatRows ↦ d3.tsvFormatRows
* d3.dsv(*delimiter*) ↦ d3.dsvFormat(*delimiter*)
* removed deprecated support for *dsv*.format(rows); use *dsv*.formatRows instead.
* improved performance
......@@ -267,6 +271,15 @@ TODO
* d3.behavior.drag ↦ d3.drag
* add *drag*.filter
* add *drag*.subject - for Canvas-based dragging
* add *drag*.container - for Canvas-based dragging, or avoiding feedback loop
* ignore emulated mouse events on iOS
* *dragstart* event ↦ *start* event
* *dragend* event ↦ *end* event
* add d3.dragEnable, d3.dragDisable - dealing with browser quirks
* new *event*.active property makes it easier to tell if any active gesture
* new *event*.on lets you register temporary listeners for the current gesture
## [Easings (d3-ease)](
......@@ -457,6 +470,8 @@ TODO
* new d3.packEnclose uses Welzl’s algorithm to compute the exact enclosing circle
* *treemap*.sticky ↦ d3.treemapResquarify
* new treemap padding parameters, distinguishing parent and sibling padding
* new nested treemap example
* new treemap + d3.nest example
* new partition padding parameter
* space-filling layouts now output *x0*, *x1*, *y0*, *y1* instead of *x0*, *dx*, *y0*, *dy*; better accuracy
* see d3.curveBundle in d3-shape for hierarchical edge bundling
......@@ -537,7 +552,7 @@ This is a new repository that provides an implementation of the CanvasPathMethod
There’s no longer a polygon constructor. Instead you just pass an array of vertices to the polygon methods.
There’s no longer a d3.geom.polygon constructor; instead you just pass an array of vertices to the polygon methods.
* d3.geom.polygon.area ↦ d3.polygonArea
* d3.geom.polygon.centroid ↦ d3.polygonCentroid
......@@ -554,6 +569,17 @@ There’s no longer a fancy d3.geom.hull operator. There’s just a method which
* d3.geom.quadtree ↦ d3.quadtree
* new non-recursive implementation!
* coincident points are now stored more efficiently
* internal nodes are now represented more efficiently
* use *node*.length to distinguish between leaf and internal nodes
* there’s no longer a quadtree operator and a quadtree; there’s just a mutable quadtree
* new *quadtree*.remove - remove points from the quadtree!
* new *quadtree*.extent, *quadtree*.cover - increase the extent of the quadtree after creation!
* new *quadtree*.addAll, *quadtree*.removeAll - bulk methods for adding and remove points
* new *quadtree*.copy
* *quadtree*.find now takes a search radius
* new *quadtree*.visitAll for post-order traversal
## [Random Numbers (d3-random)](
......@@ -572,6 +598,11 @@ TODO
* d3.xhr ↦ d3.request
* new *request*.user and *request*.password for basic authentication
* new *request*.timeout for changing the timeout duration
* on error, pass the error to the listener
* on progress, pass the progress event to the listener
* if d3.xml loads unparseable XML, report an error rather than a null document
## [Scales (d3-scale)](
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