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Merge pull request #1775 from Alex--wu/master

Add zh-CN for localization
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import "locale";
var d3_locale_zhCN = d3.locale({
decimal: ".",
thousands: ",",
grouping: [3],
currency: ["¥", ""],
dateTime: "%a %b %e %X %Y",
date: "%Y/%-m/%-d",
time: "%H:%M:%S",
periods: ["上午", "下午"],
days: ["星期日", "星期一", "星期二", "星期三", "星期四", "星期五", "星期六"],
shortDays: ["星期日", "星期一", "星期二", "星期三", "星期四", "星期五", "星期六"],
months: ["一月", "二月", "三月", "四月", "五月", "六月", "七月", "八月", "九月", "十月", "十一月", "十二月"],
shortMonths: ["一月", "二月", "三月", "四月", "五月", "六月", "七月", "八月", "九月", "十月", "十一月", "十二月"]
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