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But that’s not all! 4.0 now provides parameterized Catmull–Rom splines as proposed by [Yuksel *et al.*]( These are available as [d3.curveCatmullRom](, [d3.curveCatmullRomClosed]( and [d3.curveCatmullRomOpen](
<img src="" width="888" height="330" alt="catmullRom">
<img src="" width="888" height="330" alt="catmullRomOpen">
<img src="" width="888" height="240" alt="catmullRom">
<img src="" width="888" height="240" alt="catmullRomOpen">
<img src="" width="888" height="330" alt="catmullRomClosed">
Each curve type can define its own named parameters, replacing *line*.tension and *area*.tension. For example, Catmull–Rom splines are parameterized using [*catmullRom*.alpha]( and defaults to 0.5, which corresponds to a centripetal spline that avoids self-intersections and overshoot. For a uniform Catmull–Rom spline instead:
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