Commit 295901f1 authored by Mike Bostock's avatar Mike Bostock
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Rename of rollup-plugin-npm.

parent eb4748da
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
"faucet": "0.0",
"rollup": "0.25",
"rollup-plugin-json": "2",
"rollup-plugin-npm": "1",
"rollup-plugin-node-resolve": "1",
"tape": "4",
"uglify-js": "2"
import json from "rollup-plugin-json";
import npm from "rollup-plugin-npm";
import node from "rollup-plugin-node-resolve";
export default {
plugins: [npm({jsnext: true}), json()],
plugins: [node({jsnext: true}), json()],
moduleName: "d3",
format: "umd"
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