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...@@ -507,6 +507,26 @@ better object and array interpolation… ...@@ -507,6 +507,26 @@ better object and array interpolation…
* treat negative zero (-0) and very small numbers that round to zero as unsigned zero
* the `c` directive is now for character data (i.e., literals), not for character codes
* the `b` and `d` directives now round to the nearest integer rather than returning the empty string
* new `(` sign option uses parentheses for negative values
* new `=` align option places any sign and symbol to the left of any padding
* improve accuracy by relying on *number*.toExponential to extract the mantissa and exponent
* locales are now published as JSON data; can load from if desired
changed the behavior for default precision. now 6 for all directives except none, which defaults to 12. *none* is a new directive type that is like `g` except it trims insignificant trailing zeros. d3.round and d3.requote are now removed.
new methods for computing the suggested decimal precision for formatting values (used by d3-scale for tick formatting)
* d3.precisionFixed
* d3.precisionPrefix
* d3.precisionRound
new d3.formatSpecifier method for parsing, validating and debugging format specifiers. also good for deriving related format specifiers, such as when you want to set the precision automatically.
quite a few more changes… TODO describe them
## [Paths (d3-path)]( ## [Paths (d3-path)](
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