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......@@ -1308,6 +1308,8 @@ Homogenous transitions are now optimized! If all elements in a transition share
For resuable components that support transitions, such as [axes](#axes-d3-axis), a new [*transition*.selection]( method returns the [selection](#selections-d3-selection) that corresponds to a given transition. There is also a new [*transition*.merge]( method that is equivalent to [*selection*.merge](
For the sake of parsimony, the multi-value map methods have been extracted to [d3-selection-multi]( and are no longer part of the default bundle. The multi-value map methods have also been renamed to plural form to reduce overload: [*transition*.attrs]( and [*transition*.styles](
## [Voronoi Diagrams (d3-voronoi)](
The d3.geom.voronoi method has been renamed to [d3.voronoi](, and the *voronoi*.clipExtent method has been renamed to [*voronoi*.extent]( The undocumented *polygon*.point property in 3.x, which is the element in the input *data* corresponding to the polygon, has been renamed to *polygon*.data.
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