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......@@ -909,6 +909,15 @@ var parseTime = d3.timeParse("%c");
The multi-scale time format d3.time.format.multi has been replaced by [d3.scaleTime](’s [tick format]( Time formats now coerce inputs to dates, and time parsers coerce inputs to strings. The `%Z` directive now allows more flexible parsing of time zone offsets, such as `-0700`, `-07:00`, `-07`, and `Z`. The `%p` directive is now parsed correctly when the locale’s period name is longer than two characters (*e.g.*, “a.m.”).
The default U.S. English locale has been modified to use 12-hour time and a more concise representation of the date. This more closely aligns with local conventions, and is consistent with [*date*.toLocaleString]( in Chrome, Firefox and Node:
var now = new Date;
d3.timeFormat("%c")(new Date); // "6/23/2016, 2:01:33 PM"
d3.timeFormat("%x")(new Date); // "6/23/2016"
d3.timeFormat("%X")(new Date); // "2:01:38 PM"
You can now set the default locale using [d3.timeFormatDefaultLocale](! The locales are published as [JSON]( to [NPM](
The performance of time formatting and parsing has been improved, and the UTC formatter and parser have a cleaner implementation (that avoids temporarily overriding the Date global).
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