Commit 51d4d0ac authored by Mike Bostock's avatar Mike Bostock
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Add test for enter-insert.

parent d1f8082a
......@@ -110,6 +110,28 @@ suite.addBatch({
"enter insert": {
topic: load("selection/selection").document(),
"on a page with existing elements": {
topic: function(d3) {
var body ="body");
body.selectAll("div").data(["apple", "orange"]).enter().append("div");
return body;
"inserts before the following updating sibling": function(body) {
body.selectAll("div").data(["peach", "apple", "banana", "orange", "apricot"]).enter().insert("div");
var div = body.selectAll("div");
assert.equal(div[0][0].__data__, "peach");
assert.equal(div[0][1].__data__, "apple");
assert.equal(div[0][2].__data__, "banana");
assert.equal(div[0][3].__data__, "orange");
assert.equal(div[0][4].__data__, "apricot");
"selectAll(div).data(…).enter()": {
topic: load("selection/selection").document(),
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