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## [Requests (d3-request)](
The d3.xhr method has been renamed to [d3.request]( Basic authentication is now supported using [*request*.user]( and [*request*.password]( You can now configure a timeout using [*request*.timeout](
If an error occurs, the corresponding [ProgressEvent]( of type “error” is now passed to the error listener, rather than the [XMLHttpRequest]( Likewise, the ProgressEvent is passed to progress event listeners, rather than using [d3.event]( If [d3.xml]( encounters an error parsing XML, this error is now reported to error listeners rather than returning a null response.
* d3.xhr ↦ d3.request
* new *request*.user and *request*.password for basic authentication
* new *request*.timeout for changing the timeout duration
* on error, pass the error to the listener
* on progress, pass the progress event to the listener
* if d3.xml loads unparseable XML, report an error rather than a null document
* d3-request is now supported on Node using node-XMLHttpRequest
With the exception of [d3.html]( and [d3.xml](, Node is now supported via [node-XMLHttpRequest](
## [Scales (d3-scale)](
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