Commit a27d2d36 authored by Mike Bostock's avatar Mike Bostock
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Test for append(function).

parent bef1ccb9
......@@ -25,6 +25,12 @@ suite.addBatch({
assert.isTrue(svg[0][0].parentNode === body.node());
assert.isTrue(svg[0][0] === body.node().lastChild);
"appends an element specified as a function": function(body) {
var svg ="svg").remove().node();
assert.isFalse(svg === body.node().lastChild);
body.append(function() { return svg; });
assert.isTrue(svg === body.node().lastChild);
"propagates data to new element": function(body) {
var data = new Object(), div =[data]).append("div");
assert.strictEqual(div[0][0].__data__, data);
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