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......@@ -827,11 +827,12 @@ A calculator for humanity’s peculiar conventions of time.
An efficient queue for managing thousands of concurrent animations.
* [d3.timer]( - schedules a new timer.
* [*timer*.restart]( - resets the timer’s start time and callback.
* [*timer*.stop]( - stops the timer.
* [d3.timer]( - schedule a new timer.
* [*timer*.restart]( - reset the timer’s start time and callback.
* [*timer*.stop]( - stop the timer.
* [*timer*.id]( - a unique, opaque identifier.
* [d3.timerFlush]( - immediately executes any active timers.
* [d3.timerOnce]( - schedule a timer that stops on its first callback.
* [d3.timerFlush]( - immediately execute any eligible timers.
## [Voronoi Diagrams](
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