Commit d9e149c9 authored by Mike Bostock's avatar Mike Bostock

Adopt rollup-plugin-ascii.

parent 008be55c
#!/usr/bin/env node #!/usr/bin/env node
var rollup = require("rollup"), var rollup = require("rollup"),
ascii = require("rollup-plugin-ascii"),
nodeResolve = require("rollup-plugin-node-resolve"); nodeResolve = require("rollup-plugin-node-resolve");
rollup.rollup({ rollup.rollup({
entry: "index.js", entry: "index.js",
plugins: [nodeResolve({jsnext: true})] plugins: [nodeResolve({jsnext: true}), ascii()]
}).then(function(bundle) { }).then(function(bundle) {
return bundle.write({ return bundle.write({
banner: process.argv[2], banner: process.argv[2],
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