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* d3.interpolators ↦ REMOVED
d3.interpolate’s behavior is now faster and more precisely defined. d3.interpolators ↦ REMOVED; d3.interpolate is no longer extensible.
* If *b* is null, undefined or type "boolean", use the constant *b*.
* If *b* is type "number", use d3.interpolateNumber.
* If *b* is a d3.color instance or type "string" and can be parsed by d3.color, use d3.interpolateRgb.
* If *b* is a string, use d3.interpolateString.
* If *b* is an array, use d3.interpolateArray.
* Use d3.interpolateObject.
new transform interpolation methods for CSS, as well as SVG. d3-transition automatically picks the right one…
* d3.transform ↦ REMOVED
* d3.interpolateTransform ↦ d3.interpolateTransformSvg
* new d3.interpolateTransformCss
b-spline interpolation
* add d3.quantize
* add d3.interpolateBasis
* add d3.interpolateBasisClosed
* add d3.interpolateRgbBasis
* add d3.interpolateRgbBasisClosed
color space interpolation
* color interpolation now observes opacity (see d3-color)!
* better behavior when either *a* or *b*’s color channel is undefined
* add “long” versions of interpolators for color spaces with hue angles
* Cubehelix (with optional gamma parameter) is now supported by default
* color interpolators now return rgb(…) or rgba(…) strings (matching *color*.toString)
* use named parameters, e.g., d3.interpolateCubehelixGamma ↦ d3.interpolateCubehelix.gamma
* new d3.interpolateRgb.gamma for gamma-corrected RGB interpolation
better object and array interpolation…
* when *b* has fewer properties or elements than *a*
* when *a* or *b* is undefined or not an object or array
## [Number Formats (d3-format)](
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