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......@@ -496,15 +496,9 @@ Also renamed for consistency:
* *graticule*.majorStep ↦ [*graticule*.stepMajor](
* *graticule*.minorStep ↦ [*graticule*.stepMinor](
Better default settings for projections. Slightly faster, although future optimizations are planned.
Projections now have more appropriate default settings. For example, [d3.geoOrthographic]( defaults to a 90° clip angle, showing only the front hemisphere, and [d3.geoGnomonic]( defaults to a 60° clip angle. The default [projection]( for [d3.geoPath]( is now null rather than [d3.geoAlbersUsa]( (A null projection is used with [pre-projected geometry]( and is typically faster to load and render.)
*path*.projection now defaults to null, rather than d3.geoAlbersUsa.
New d3.geo.transform API. The new implementation is faster: rather than each method being a closure, it defines a factory method for creating transform instances. Access the next geometry sink using ``.
Removed support for the fallback projection pipeline, *path*.projection(*function*). Simplified how projection pipelines are cached internally (an undocumented feature of 3.x).
Removed raw projections (e.g., d3.geo.equirectangular.raw).
“Fallback projections”—when you pass a function rather than a projection to [*path*.projection](—are no longer supported. For geographic projections, use [d3.geoProjection]( or [d3.geoProjectionMutator]( to define a custom projection. For arbitrary geometry transformations, implement the [stream interface](; see also [d3.geoTransform]( The “raw” projections (e.g., d3.geo.equirectangular.raw) are no longer exported.
## [Hierarchies (d3-hierarchy)](
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