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......@@ -756,7 +756,7 @@ The new [d3.local]( provides
The d3.ns.prefix namespace prefix map has been renamed to [d3.namespaces](, and the d3.ns.qualify method has been renamed to [d3.namespace]( Several new low-level methods are now available, as well. [d3.matcher]( is used internally by [*selection*.filter](; [d3.selector]( is used by [*selection*.select](; [d3.selectorAll]( is used by [*selection*.selectAll](; [d3.creator]( is used by [*selection*.append]( and [*selection*.insert]( The new [d3.window]( returns the owner window for a given element, window or document. The new [d3.customEvent]( temporarily sets [d3.event]( while invoking a function, allowing you to implement controls which dispatch custom events; this is used by [d3-drag](, [d3-zoom]( and [d3-brush](
multi-value map methods moved to d3-selection-multi plugin
For the sake of parsimony, the multi-value map methods have been extracted to [d3-selection-multi]( and are no longer part of the default bundle. The multi-value map methods have also been renamed to plural form to reduce overload: [*selection*.attrs](, [*selection*.styles]( and [*selection*.properties](
## [Shapes (d3-shape)](
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