1. 14 Feb, 2013 3 commits
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      Use captured references for document and window. · 0991f3b0
      Mike Bostock authored
      This avoids an inconsistency (discussed in #1044) when using D3 inside Node.js,
      where D3 internally creates a JSDOM document during initialization, but then
      subsequently depends on the current global document, which is not exposed. D3
      now always refers to the global document at the time of initialization, and
      does not depend on the current global document or window.
    • Jason Davies's avatar
      Optimise d3.geo.area. · 9c3ad8f5
      Jason Davies authored
      This incorporates two enhancements:
      1. A simpler formulation for the area of a spherical triangle with one
         vertex at the south pole.
      2. Instead of calling atan2 for every point, we use the identity:
           ∑ arg(z) = arg(∏ z),
         where z is a complex number, and only call atan2 once for each
         polygon, instead opting for a cheaper complex number multiplication
         for each point.
      This is around 3x faster than the old implementation as measured by the
      included benchmark.
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      Simplify. · 4e167cf1
      Mike Bostock authored
      The length of the exit selection is always the same as the length of the
      original selection, independent of the data, so there is no need to compute the
      maximum of the two lengths.
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      Add test and fix for duplicate keys. · 9c6be3c5
      Mike Bostock authored
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      Fix for duplicate keys in selection.data. · 2810d3cc
      Mike Bostock authored
      Fixes #997. The enter, update and exit selections are now initialized as fixed-
      length arrays rather than dynamically populated with nulls. If duplicate keys
      are used for either data or selected elements, only the first datum or element
      is considered and subsequent data or elements are ignored.